»The Traveller«, since 2001

Jens Sundheim travels. From webcam to webcam, for 10 years by now,áto 400 webcam locations in 15 countries. So far.
On location, he performs in front of the cam. Captured by it, The Traveller starts a second, virtual journey: fragmented into bits, he transcends space and time and reaches every web-connected computer all around the globe at almost the same moment of time.
The photographerá(Bernhard Reuss) back in Germany records the image, saves the transferred data, before the present image is overwritten by the following one. Finally, we transfer selected images to photographic paper and present them as large-format photographs.

The multi-layered project allows to reflect on topics such as travelling and places of interest, technological developments and structures, global spread of data between irrelevance, amusement and surveillance, and the aesthetics involved.

The project has been exhibited widely, amongst others in Prague, Zurich, Brussels, Madrid, Tampere, Berlin and Tokyo.
It started 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among many other places, The Traveller encountered theálegendary coffee machine world's first webcam pointed at, the ESA European Space Agency main controlároom, and a police cell in New York City ľ arrested for strange behaviour.

Details and further images: www.the-traveller.org