»The Traveller«, since 2001

Jens Sundheim travels. From webcam to webcam, for 14 years by now, to more than 600 webcam sites in 18 countries. So far.

On location, Sundheim places himself in front of the camera. As »The Traveller«, he stares back. Same clothes, same pose, every time. You can recognize him in every image. You can watch him.

A lot of questions arise. Who sets up these automated cameras, and why? What do they show? Are people aware of them? Who needs these images? Who looks at them? Does the presence of a camera alter a site? What constitutes a photographic image in terms of content, authorship or quality?

»The Traveller« examines global spread of imagery between irrelevance, amusement, information and surveillance, and the aesthetics involved.

Among many other places, »The Traveller« encountered the legendary coffee machine world's first webcam was ponted at, the ESA European Space Agency main control room, a huge cactus observed by four cameras, numerous street corners and backyards, and the inside of a New York police station – arrested for strange behaviour.

Project website: www.the-traveller.org

Feature on NY Time Magazine website->here